Daily Prompt: Toot Your Horn

The concept of tooting your own horn is something that is completely foreign to me.  I am a master deflector (Anyone: “You look nice today.” Me: “I do?”).  I’ve long girded myself against the ego inflation that can come from doing/posting anything publicly.  I don’t know how to be a glory hound and have horrible stage fright.

When I have to write about what my favorite thing about myself is, I’m at a loss.  What makes me a good person?  Am I good person?  I know I try to be.  What makes me a person people want to be around?  Do people WANT to be around me?  Try as I might to not care what people think of me, I think we all have at least a tiny bit of need to be accepted.

I have a great sense of humor.  A sense of humor is necessary for any kind of social or professional success.  Why?  The ability to laugh (especially if you have MY laugh) and make others laugh creates a bridge between people that allows relationships to develop.  My sense of humor is pretty broad.  As much as I hate to admit it, slapstick humor puts me into hysterics (think The Three Stooges or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective).  It’s so uncultured.  I also enjoy subtle humor of the Moonrise Kingdom or Safety Not Guaranteed variety.  I was the kid who couldn’t deliver that really awful joke with every possible swear word in it because I’d giggle uncontrollably before I could get to the punchline.

It’s the one-liners, though, that make other people laugh.  It’s what happens when something gets through the filter, the filter that keeps me out of trouble, keeping me from saying EVERY single thing that pops into my head.  I can’t plan them, they just appear out of thin air.  I think it’s the thing that is most shocking about me professionally, because no one ever sees it coming.  I’ll just be working along, minding my business, then something will come out of my mouth that stops everyone with laughter.  Talk about stealth mode.  I’ll never forget the time I made some comment about thongs to a coworker (also female) before the room filled up for a meeting.  We couldn’t look at each other during the meeting without having to stifle laughter.  To this day, if I say “AF,” she’ll start laughing.

It’s true what they say, that laughter is the best medicine.


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Toot Your Horn

  1. I am right there with you. Even though I didn’t choose to write about it in my “Toot Your Horn” post, I love making people laugh!

    There’s nothing wrong with thoroughly enjoying slapstick humour! That’s what it’s for, cultured or not. These days, society is waist-deep in layers of sarcastic and demeaning humour that we need the uproariously silly things to balance it all out.

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