Daily Prompt: Kick It

Do you have a bucket list?

I don’t.

Should I?

It’s a bit hard to say what the 11th item is on a list that doesn’t exist.  But I think I could come up with 20 or so things I’d like to do before I die…

The Bucket List – Improv Style

  1. Publish a book of poetry
  2. Conquer my fear of the water
  3. Learn to live instead of survive
  4. See U2 live
  5. Travel to Great Britain (I’m of Irish & Scottish decent)
  6. Travel to Spain (I’m also a lot Spanish, but really I want to retrace the steps of my grandparents’ last visit)
  7. Visit L in Switzerland
  8. Conquer my stage fright
  9. Play in a symphony orchestra
  10. Visit Paris (I’ve recently developed a minor obsession with Hemingway)
  11. Kiss a humpback whale
  12. Get in a shark cage to swim with Great Whites
  13. Learn to walk and be comfortable in 3 inch heels
  14. Take up mixed martial arts
  15. Meet Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch
  16. Find my voice
  17. Learn how to play guitar
  18. Bench-press my body weight
  19. Squat twice my body weight
  20. Complete 65 push-ups in a minute (I could do this when I was 17 and not on my knees either, I could do 18 & 19 as well)

Ok, so there’s 20 things off the top of my head that I think I’d like to do before I die.  Number 11: Kiss a humpback whale.  See what happens when I just throw things out there?  It’s sometimes comical…


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Kick It

  1. Such a good improvisation on coming up with a bucket list on the fly! SoundEagle would also love to see how well you can improvise music on your musical instrument(s). :)

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